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Which zone is best for your location on your Siberian platform? Vote below for the area you want to hire.

View your backups

Check the generated backup files with the dates and sizes of the files.

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Generate Backup

Your area to view and manage the backup to create your first backup.

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Restore backup of files

Your area to view and restore locally created backups.

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Backup Database

Here is your location to generate the database backup of your Siberian platform.

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Restore Backup Database

You can restore any backup points from the created database.

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Backup & Database Transfer

Transfer your backup packages to our cloud with just one click.

Global Datacenters

Config Path

Here is the place to configure the default storage directories on your server until it is transferred to the cloud.

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Clear Cache

Directly clean your clache without having to wait 24 hours from the platform.

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Disk Space Calculator

Disk space you can check the current size of your platform and temporary files.

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Know about our services

We have been in the platform support market for more than 1 year and a half, with the name siberianserver, which has come to be called cloudplata.
We have more than 30 installations and migrations. We perform various correction, update and systems services.

We have launched our platform Backup tool on external server. A tool that came to ease the hearts of those who actually care about the security in keeping a backup safe.

See below our services

BCP Starter

Suitable for platforms with more than ~7 to 10 GB of used space.

$15/ month
  • 12GB Storage
  • 150GB Monthly transfer quota
  • 99.90% Uptime SLA
  • 13 Locations Zones
bcs cloud zones

Cloud network on 5 continents

Currently, we are starting with two options for 13 zones. One area in North America (Virginia) and another in Europa (France) and Asia (Mumbai)

Location Datacenter

Choosing your zone is important because you will have a much faster response time in the P2P Server transfer.

  • ca.cloudplata.com
  • fr.cloudplata.com
  • mum.cloudplata.com

Do you look for a backup solution?

We introduce you to Backup Cloud Plata Siberian

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