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BCS- Backup Cloud Siberian

BCS – Backup Cloud Siberian

BCS is a product made exclusively to operate with the Siberian CMS framework, with diversified capabilities with its primary function of performing automated and manual backups of its platform for amazon cloud servers around the world.

With BCS, you can back up the entire database and structure and send them to the cloud in your region.

You can perform cache data cleansing, platform-generated files that accumulate disk space as is the case with the apk android and ios packages.

Track the disk status of your server and platform in a simple way. If you wish too, you can download the backup and database files to your computer.

Restore the backup and database data whenever you want through the resources in the BCS.


BCP Starter

Suitable for platforms with more than 50 GB of used space.

$15/ month
  • 12GB Storage
  • 150GB Monthly transfer quota
  • 99.90% Uptime SLA
  • 13 Locations Zones

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